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For those with non android or apple phones, after registering on website please dial +6531631294 (for international) and +918039510317 (for Indian) and enter doctor code to connect to doctor.

mQure currently offers a range of innovative services, designed to bring the full benefits of mobile healthcare to Patients, Physicians, as well as Health Institutions in India.

mQure for Patients

We currently bring 3 powerful mHealth services to you on your mobile:

Health SMS: Health questions on your mind? Worried about confidentiality? SMS your query to us and receive an answer within 24 hrs.

Phone Doctor: Need a second opinion? Don’t know who to consult? Nagging doubts from your last checkup? Call our panel of doctors at any time of day or night for live advice.

Health Alerts: Managing diabetes? Immunizing children? Just plain forgetful? Get alerts on your mobile to take your medicines, vaccines, and exercise on time. We’ll keep track for you!

mQure for Physicians

Being physicians ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to stay up to date on the latest and best practices or access specialty medical information at a crucial time...especially when you’re always on-the-go with not a minute to spare. At mQure, we strive to bring the latest in evidence-based medicine to your fingertips, 24x7, while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards

If you are a physician or healthcare professional, SMS us at 56767 with “mQure” followed by your question - and our team will respond to you within 24 hours with a carefully researched answer. Topics we have recently covered include:

If you are interested in partnering with mQure in any of our patient-centric service areas, drop us an email at and we’ll get in touch with you shortly

mQure for Health Institutions

mQure is now offering a suite of mobile services to enable medical and public health institutions to enhance and better measure program effectiveness. Drawing on our team’s extensive experience working with national health systems in India and abroad, our services intelligently leverage technology to overcome the key challenges that health intervention programs face when working with large populations.

mTrials: Clinical trials run by both private and government funding require large scale interaction with patients such as drug delivery, compliance, adverse events, serious adverse events, follow up, periodic investigations etc. mQure provides the dynamic platform for reaching out to the patients enrolled in clinical trials and ensure compliance for each of the interactions mentioned

mProgram: Large-scale public health programs often struggle to maintain two-way communication channels with their target populations. mProgram leverages our highly scalable mobile platform to provide a robust and comprehensive mechanism for tracking the implementation and impact of such programs.

Core elements of the mProgram module:
  • Phone and SMS-based monitoring of target catchment to check for delivery of chosen interventions (e.g., ARTs) and collect feedback on quality and efficacy
  • “Intelligent” push-based mobile messaging of social marketing messages and health reminders to drive adoption & adherence among target population
  • Toll-free 24x7 helpdesk and triage center for target populations and remote front-line health professionals (e.g., community health workers)
  • Phone and SMS-based communities for live discussion, training, and feedback among target populations and health professionals
  • Higher program penetration and ROI of social marketing initiatives
  • Significantly better measurement and tracking of health outcomes
  • Improved quality of delivery and higher “customer” satisfaction
  • If you are a program lead in a multilateral agency, NGO, or government agency and are interested in learning about mProgram, please contact us at